A vision for Business Intelligence systems in the decade to come

This project is a study into what the existing Business Intelligence systems should be expanded with, in order to cover the requirements in the world 10 years from now. The findings are based on both literatures from future scientists as well as field research among managers today.

The conclusion of this project is that organizations in the future, in addition to the issues they monitor today, need to monitor the external macro environment through the use of Business Intelligence. A priority of the issues that need to be monitored by Business Intelligence systems by 2010 can be seen in Figure A of this paper, that ranks the issues in the external macro environment based on the likeliness of the change to happen combined with how much impact it will have to the managers’ organizations.

In order to address the identified issues from a technical standpoint, Business Intelligence systems in 2010 will need to incorporate the ability to analyze both external and unstructured data. Based on the priorities found in this project, Figure B of this paper outlines a suggested development plan that a Business Intelligence system should undergo, in order to be able to serve managers in 2010.

Additionally, it is the conclusion of this study that the enhancements of Business Intelligence systems are still relevant, regardless whether the most likely future scenario becomes a reality, as well as if other tragic surprises like that on the 11th September 2001, should occur. The reason is that the enhancements will allow managers to monitor the climate in the external environment, thus give them indications of the likeliness of different scenarios and surprises. Furthermore monitoring this climate and recognizing the relation between their organizations performance and this might encourage organizations to undertake tasks within the range of social work or aiding developing countries.

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Updated 2002-04-29

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