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Having read Robert Cooper’s book and the other literature, there is no doubt in my mind that there is in fact such a thing as “the other 90%”. In providing a practical book about how to access and get the most out of this other 90%, I believe that Cooper has not only given people an excellent personal opportunity, he has also solved his grandfather’s challenge by providing a guided path to access it.

In my opinion this is a great book, which I have already personally given to a number of other persons. The greatness comes in two shapes: first there are of course the people who take to the book straight away, but there are also a number of much more skeptical people who, from this book at least, would be able to pose the “what if it is possible?” question. For the latter group I believe this book is particularly good; people who are not “believers” in more than the brain in their head tend to need something like the rock-solid medical and scientific references to start at least wondering.

Of course there are will be varying opinions on how to reach new ground, from a practical point of view, but the importance of this book as an eye-opener for people to search for more than their mind is significant in itself. As long as we can get to where we recognize that there is more potential, we can start working with it. Being able to pose the “Why” will teach us the “How” that is right for each of us individually in terms of “mind tools”.

The review of alternative literature confirms this hope. Obviously, there are varying opinions of how to reach new ground in the mind; but in my mind it is crucial that no one neglects the fact that there is an untapped potential that can be reached by everyone utilizing a particular “mind tool”; in other words in essence this study calls for us to test some tools and keep looking until we find what is right for ourselves.

At least one can conclude that there is much room for discovery and, as stated by Robert Cooper: “The most exciting breakthroughs will not come from technology but from a deeper realization of what it means to be most human and alive.”

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Updated 2002-07-26

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