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During the Ph.D. at Rushmore University, it was mandatory to have a website like this, and to maintain a journal of thoughts and academic progress. Based on the positive virtual experiences, I decided to keep updating the journal as well as the website; however, please bare with me that the frequency of updates might be somewhat lower during my second Ph.D. in Computer Science at Aalborg University.

Feel free to peek in the journal for various findings as well as notes about different books I have read; for the latter the specific literature index below might be helpful.

Date Entry
6th December 2010 Ph.D. #2 is completed
12th June 2010 Demonstration of Sentinels in TARGIT on VLDB 2010
24th May 2010 New version of TARGIT with enhanced Sentinels
3rd June 2009 Sentinels on DEXA 2009
12th March 2009 Sentinels and the Formula That Killed Wall Street
3rd February 2009 The Sentinel
11th January 2009 TARGIT TV, the BI Talkshow
10th November 2008 Science Theory and Experiments
22nd September 2008 First Year Experiences on CS Ph.D.
30th August 2008 Mining the Social Web - Web Mining for Web2.0
3rd June 2008 Programming Supercomputers
26th February 2008 Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques
29th November 2007 Speaking at DOLAP 2007 and a little B.A.S.E.
3rd October 2007 Updated the Projects Section
22nd May 2007 An Update on Ph.D, Patents and Products
29th September 2006 The Next Fifty Years
24th July 2006 B.A.S.E. Jumping
17th July 2006 A Patent in a New Breed of Business Intelligence
8th June 2006 "The IT Bubble"
18th May 2006 Claimed Patent on Intelligent Dashboard
5th May 2006 Transcending Fear
25th January 2006 Commentary in The OLAP Report
18th January 2006 The Innovator’s Dilemma
12th December 2005 The Search
8th December 2005 Testing Google AdSence and AdWords
7th November 2005 On Intelligence
28th October 2005 Next Generation of Software and 500+ Jumps
12th September 2005 The CALM Intro Video
2nd September 2005 The Parachute and its Pilot
3rd August 2005 Vertical Journey
10th June 2005 Freefall
26th May 2005 Freedom from the Known
18th May 2005 "Unrest"
11th April 2005 Skydiving with a World Champion
21st March 2005 Top 50 Inventor in Denmark and Skydiving
24th February 2005 Appointed as an Associate Professor on Rushmore!!!
9th February 2005 The CALM Book is Out!
20th January 2005 A Life on the Edge
9th December 2004 The TARGIT Video is here!
17th November 2004 Claimed another Patent, and other news...
18th October 2004 More Skydiving Videos
8th August 2004 Finally a Doctor...
30th July 2004 The Book is Done!
26th July 2004 Parachuting Certified
3rd July 2004 Skydiving!
1st July 2004 Flatland and Editing
17th June 2004 Now, Discover Your Strengths
1st June 2004 First, Break All the Rules
27th May 2004 My CALM book is almost completed!
19th May 2004 Nine Chapters and Parachuting!
7th Aprtil 2004 Crafting Strategy
6th April 2004 The Balanced Scorecard, Strategy to Action
2nd April 2004 First Two Chapters!
17th March 2004 Claimed Patent and Book writing
4th February 2004 Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People
19th January 2004 Who moved my cheese?
12th January 2004 Balanced Scorecard
9th January 2004 Value-Based Business Creation
7th January 2004 Linguistic Discontinuity
29th December 2003 The Frogman Corps
21st December 2003 The Age of Spiritual Machines
2nd December 2003 Chris Lowney wrote me!
30th November 2004 Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind
25th November 2003 Heroic Leadership
7th November 2003 On War
8th October 2003 Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
26th September 2003 Ten Mistakes to Avoid
25th September 2003 Chaos Theory Tamed
15th September 2003 Why the future doesn't need us
7th September 2003 Met with Pat Robinson
1st September 2003 The Power of Full Engagement
21st August 2003 Decision and Control
31st July 2003 Hidden Order
29th July 2003 Nano-Engineering in Science and Technology
28th July 2003 The Essence of Chaos
26th July 2003 Inside the Tornado
12th July 2003 Corporate Information Factory
27th June 2003 Ackoff’s Fables
23rd June 2003 An Information Systems Manifesto
6th June 2003 On the Internet
19th May 2003 Claimed a Patent based on Meta-Morphing
16th May 2003 The Logic of Was and Peace
12th May 2003 Book writing
2nd April 2003 Management by Stars published!
1st April 2003 Management by Stars
11th March 2003 Good to Great
22nd February 2003 29 Leadership Secrets from Jack Welch
20th February 2003 The Pythagorean Sourcebook and the Stars
5th February 2003 Coup d’État and some Programming
2nd February 2003 Processing data and still far from the Shore
31st January 2003 A Study of Numbers
29th January 2003 Leaking Memory
22nd January 2003 Nanotechnology and Astrology
19th January 2003 Researching for Horoscope application
10th January 2003 The Global Technology Revolution
9th January 2003 Secrets of Face to Face Communication
31st December 2002 The Generous Man
30th December 2002 Published Business Analytics Research
25th December 2002 Future Trends in Microelectronics
23rd December 2002 Mathematical and White Magic
22nd December 2002 When the website gets a life of its own
13th December 2002 New research
30th November 2002 Leadership is an Art
22nd December 2002 Maneuver Warfare Handbook
21st November 2002 The Rise of the Creative Class
11th November 2002 "Management by Stars" preliminary Findings
7th November 2002 Reducing the Fog Index
1st November 2002 Introducing CALM
31st October 2002 Heartstorm
28th October 2002 Leadership from Within
26th October 2002 Gutfeeling: Instinct & Spirituality @ work
25th October 2002 Published my Usability Research
23rd October 2002 Ready for editing
19th October 2002 Finally completed the ground work
5th October 2002 A must read article
1st October 2002 Submitted my draft
15th September 2002 Cracked the code!
14th September 2002 Researching Usability
21st August 2002 Finalized data gathering
13th August 2002 Infantry Attacks
1st August 2002 More Techno Criticism
29th July 2002 Critical Processing
26th July 2002 Published first article about Mind and Management
20th July 2002 Mind and Management
2nd July 2002 The Power of Now
21st June 2002 Research for Marketing Decisions
15th June 2002 Got Published!
13th June 2002 Quick literature listing
7th June 2002 Launched Business Intelligence survey
2nd June 2002 The Power of Now
30th May 2002 The Art of War
28th May 2002 Competing for the Future
22nd May 2002 Published Article: Nielsen on Design
17th May 2002 Book Review: Nielsen on Design
8th May 2002 Nielsen on Design
1st May 2002 Launched first Web Survey
30th April 2002 Enhanced my survey tool
25th April 2002 Updated my website
24th April 2002 More Conjoint Analysis
22nd April 2002 The Effective Executive
21st April 2002 Conjoint Analysis
18th April 2002 Testing my research tool
15th April 2002 Enhanced the Usability of my Website
12th April 2002 Masters and Patents
11th April 2002 Continuing with the Masters
6th April 2002 Studying with the Masters
31st March 2002 Business Research Methods
27th March 2002 Updated website and reading
25th March 2002 How to Win Friends and Influence People
22nd March 2002 How People Work
16th March 2002 Motivation in the Real World
14th March 2002 Web Navigation
11th March 2002 Creativity
8th March 2002 Updated my website
3rd March 2002 Learning to surf
26th February 2002 Drafted ”Business @ the Speed of Thought"
24th February 2002 Reviewing ”Business @ the Speed of Thought"
22nd February 2002 Ideas for changing my Curriculum
21st February 2002 Researching Bill Gates and more...
19th February 2002 Reviewing ”Business @ the Speed of Thought"
16th February 2002 Read ”Business @ the Speed of Thought"
12th February 2002 Worked on Foundation 1001 and ”How to Read a Book"
11th February 2002 Think and Grow Rich
10th February 2002 A Manual for Writers...
9th February 2002 Read ”Find it Fast” and ”The Craft of Research”
5th February 2002 The Ten-Day MBA
1st February 2002 Review of Steven Silbinger’s Ten-Day MBA
31st January 2002 Review of Steven Silbinger’s Ten-Day MBA
26th January 2002 Journal uploaded on my website
25th January 2002 Learning about searching and publishing articles
23rd January 2002 Created my website

Updated 2007-08-08

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The official homepage of Morten Middelfart and CALM. Computer Aided Leadership and Management (CALM) is an inspirational speculation on where mankind may be heading in the quest to leverage computer potentials for helping individuals and organizations to self-actualize their symbiotic potentials.

The time frame for this well-informed and provocative speculation on relatively near-term and more distant potentials is clearly within mankind's grasp. Dr. Middelfart argues persuasively that within the next one or two decades, symbiotic links with "intelligent machines" will surely leverage people's potentials, far beyond all human progress to date!

Altogether, a tour de force of well-informed contemporary insights and maturely reasoned speculation; affording possible stepping stones and a creative springboard for what may lie ahead. As has been said: "Man's reach should exceed his grasp; else what's a heaven for?”


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