25th March 2002 - How to Win Friends and Influence People

I spent the weekend reading "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie; a book that I have know off but avoided by the title much similar to "Think and Grow Rich". Again I found myself surprised and happy to read the book!

Thanks to one of my best mentors, who is also my CEO today, Morten Sandlykke, many of the principles were not unfamiliar to me. However, the book provided a number of practical hints that will be useful for me when working with people in the future. Additionally, the book was interesting reading since it had a number of examples in which the techniques were staged in both practical and historical context. While reading the book I could not help noticing, that many of the principles described in this book from 1936 are recycled in much of the newer management literature…

For people interested in improving communication and persuasion skills, I would recommend this book as a good start!

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Updated 2002-06-13

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