11th April 2002 - Continuing with the Masters

I studied a few days with yet another Master, namely Mr. Quality himself as I read: "Quality Without Tears: The Art of Hassle-Free Management" by Philip B. Crosby.

Similarly to the other Master, reading Crosby gave me flashbacks from my MBA studies in performance optimization. There can be only one performance standard: zero defects! Or put in a less dictatorial way: Lack of quality equals organizational hassle.

It was interesting for me to review these two books so closely in time. I believe that compared to Deming, who appears to be a Japanese Kaizen and Ringi agitator, Crosby is more in line with the Western management culture –he demands action and structured follow up.

Undoubtedly the scientific backgrounds of both Deming and Crosby are well founded, but in my opinion, Crosby succeeds in conveying the point in a way that managers - especially senior managers - can understand. He makes it clear that any quality initiative required just that: Senior management understanding, involvement and commitment.

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Updated 2002-06-13

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