24th April 2002 - More Conjoint Analysis

I read two more articles by Dr. Paul E. Green: "Importance Weight Effects on Self-explicated Preference Models: Some Empirical Findings" and "HYACT: An Electronic Questionnaire System for Conjoint Analysis and Marketing Research". There was not much new stuff in these, rather both articles contributed to enlarge my understanding of the subject Conjoint Analysis.

Based on my new knowledge of Conjoint Analysis I will modify my "Meeting the Needs of the User" survey in the next days to work as follow:

Step 1: The participant will be screened for later segmentation

Step 2: The participant rank a number of attributes fro websites

Step 3: The participant will allocate a constant sum over the attributes from the previous step.

By using the self-explicated approach in this survey, I believe that the output of the survey will be more precise in that the participant works with generic attributes rather than websites. This means that the conclusions of this study will be more generic. Furthermore, the use of the two variants of self-explicated surveys will both give me experience as well as serve as a consistency check.

At this moment I am conducting a reality check with a group of IT professionals, to make sure that my proposed attributes are covering a website, thus will ensure that the output of my study will be useful.

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