2nd July 2002 - The Power of Now

It took me about a week to get through "The Power of Now: How Winning Companies Sense & Respond to Change Using Real-Time Technology" by Vivek Ranadivé. This book is a great book for inspiration when dealing with the management challenges in an environment of continuous change at an ever increasing pace –in other words a book for practically all of us.

The book introduces "the event-driven" company the term for an organization, that is alive and aware as a living organism. The awareness comes from the real time events that are continuously posted in real-time through information services that individuals in the organization can subscribe to. This means that an event-driven organization does not suffer the bottlenecks as a traditional organizational "chain of command". As one example of such an organization, Vivek Ranadivé uses Goldman Sachs that has the obvious benefit from real-time information in trading currency.

A word of caution should be put on the fact that Vivek Ranadivé is the CEO of TIPCO, a company that produces the software for enabling event-driven companies, thus he does have clear preference for how a "true" event-driven company should look in terms of IT infrastructure.

Regardless this dependency, the book is certainly worth reading, it refers widely to other management literature and is in my mind very well theoretically documented as far as the need to create life and awareness throughout an entire organization. More than this, the book uses interesting new metaphors such as Ecosystem in stead of Industry, such use of words calls for a much more holistic and symbiotic view on the way an organization exists in its environment; and hence the need for a more responsiveness.

I will include this book in my curriculum for the "Military Tactics or Business Strategy" research, as it appears to hold some of the answer of how businesses can be "armed" for "maneuver warfare".

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