1st October 2002 - Submitted my draft

A few days ago I submitted my draft for the research project "Meeting the needs of the Web User". Hopefully, I will find that it meets the requirements, and that it is ready for final submission.

During this particular project, I must say that the research tasks tool somewhat longer than I anticipated. There are many explanations for this, but one is the requirements for the web survey to be an appropriate research tool. Another is the time for the analysis, since no finite prediction could be made of the findings beforehand; a lot of time was spent in researching the data and looking for clues. Finally, the size of the article ended up at 8,258 words so far which is almost double the size of my other articles. I should point out that none of these factors have been a burden in themselves as they have been as rewarding as they have been time consuming, so I do think my next articles will be research projects as well.

Hopefully, I should be able to post the final article on this site in a week or so, so stay tuned…

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Updated 2002-10-01

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