23rd October 2002 - Ready for editing

Yesterday I finally submitted my research project "Meeting the Needs of the Web User" for editing.

I am very happy with the result that was achieved through the extra effort based on Patís inspiring and competent coaching. The flow through the report seems much better, as the identification of behavioral segments and the following modeling goes pretty much hand in hand.

The product ended up to be 15,400 words; almost twice the size in word count since the previous draft. The reason being that I introduced a new process of data mining that is much more accurate for the behavioral analysis, thus allows better modeling of the results. However, in order to use this I needed to document this process.

I think this project has proven much bigger, yet more valuable for me than anticipated upon initiation. First of all, I learned about conjoint analysis, which I did not know about beforehand; this meant that the entire research needed to be redesigned. Secondly, the analysis of the findings proved much harder as the user behavior revealed was not the one that I expected, but moreover, my initial preference for clustering was changed into a high preference for conjoint analysis. Third, the final development and documentation of a data mining algorithm was a great thing both as a learning process, but also since this product can be used in my future research as well as in the next release of analytical software for TARGIT A/S.

Sum it all up, I feel much more a scientist than ever ;-)

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Updated 2002-10-23

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