28th October 2002 - Leadership from Within

The past two days I read "Leadership from Within: Discover Your Own Star" by Peter Urs Bender. This was a good inspiration; Benders approach to leadership is very much along the lines of Robert Cooper, but Bender seems to have a heavier weighting on communication and presentation. This weighting is most likely tightly linked to the fact that one of Benders other books is about "The Secrets of Power Presentations."

Bender talks about "leadership from within" as opposed to "leadership from without", where the first is the recommended form of leadership which is about personal growth in terms of developing the greatness within as well as eliminating the fear through elimination of negative thinking. Bender states that the worst three human fears are: 1: "Speaking in front of a group", 2: "Dying" and 3: "Speaking and dying in front of a group". In other words, once the greatness is developed, the one of the only barriers for true leadership is the capability of communication, and for this purpose, Bender offers a number of solutions.

Throughout the book, Bender offers stories about other people who have demonstrated successful leadership, and a theme that seems to be a repeating pattern is to dare trying and learning from the mistakes.

In general a highly recommendable book, especially if one is engaged in entrepreneurial activity or is a manager of people…

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