23rd December 2002 - Mathematical and White Magic

Today I submitted my second draft on the Business Analytics to Pat Robinson. So far the process of working with the perceptual mapping has been somewhat time consuming, but I do think I reached an Eureka stage lately; specifically in terms of being able to interpret the maps by projecting onto the oriented lines as well as the idea that a naming of principal components should be done based on a post-hoc analysis.

Additionally, yesterday evening I made my way through "The Ninth Insight" by James Redfield . I must admit that I have tended to avoid this book since it is written in the form of an epic rather than a practical book on what some might call White Magic. Compared to other literature on the subject, this epic for does make it rather appealing; especially for people who have never considered the subject before. The book describes through a story of searching for ancient text how the world consists of energy and how people can use or abuse this energy for spiritual growth.

Other than that, I would like to wish everyone in cyberspace a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Updated 2002-12-23

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