31st December 2002 - The Generous Man

It took me three days to complete "The Generous Man" by Tor Noerretranders, a Danish philosopher with a deep insight in the technological domain. In this his latest book, Noerretranders takes the human development through an analysis which includes Darwin’s "Origin of Species" and "The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex" combined with Game Theory.

The book is a remarkable piece of work, and the flow and rationales are interesting and remarkable. In essence, Noerretranders describes the evolutionary process from the dawn of man, through the tit-for-tat market economy, and into the gift economy. Noerretranders makes a strong case, also in scientific terms; hence my only criticism of the book is that Noerretranders through the scientific selection theory seems to erase some of the spiritual potential by reducing humans to a species that primarily has sexual reproduction as a motive.

All in all a well-written book that is an excellent piece of reference on evolutionary theories and brings them into a contemporary context.

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The time frame for this well-informed and provocative speculation on relatively near-term and more distant potentials is clearly within mankind's grasp. Dr. Middelfart argues persuasively that within the next one or two decades, symbiotic links with "intelligent machines" will surely leverage people's potentials, far beyond all human progress to date!

Altogether, a tour de force of well-informed contemporary insights and maturely reasoned speculation; affording possible stepping stones and a creative springboard for what may lie ahead. As has been said: "Man's reach should exceed his grasp; else what's a heaven for?”


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