2nd February 2003 - Processing data and still far from the Shore

Another week has now passed in the "Management by Stars" research project:

My processing of an additional factor in the stepwise multiple regression over the past week turned out to be a dead end. Yet, I feel I am still close, but is facing an inherent data quality issue: the prediction of employee satisfaction was 100% accurate when predicting the employee satisfaction on monthly basis, but it was only 52% accurate when predicting on a weekly basis.

In astrological theory, the energy a person I subjected to should be calculated based on a birth date and time in order to be accurate most accurate. The energy I have used is generic for all individuals in a given sign, meaning that there are only 12 different personality profiles.

Reflecting on the fact that I am attempting to project weekly accuracy on the results, even though the input data according to theory are based on generic observations by month, leads me to think that it would be interesting to use more accurate astrological input data. My reason for not doing this beforehand has both been the availability, but it has also been from a standpoint where I did not refer to astrological theory; I just wanted to look for the influence of generic energy cycles. I do believe that it would be an interesting finding in it self, if more astrologically correct input data would result in better predictions; this would not only show the possibility and potential of such a technique, it would also justify the deeper astrological theory as a relevant path to improve prediction as opposed to the simple tabloid press horoscopes.

In other words, I am still in the research mode on this project, I am definitely far from the shore –but I am still aiming for the shore at the other side ;-)

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Updated 2003-02-02

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