23rd June 2003 - An Information Systems Manifesto

Over the weekend I finished reading "An Information Systems Manifesto" by James Martin; my completion of the book has greatly suffered from the finalization of a new version of our TARGIT Analysis software which is now in the market.

The book was much inspiring as well as confirming of the CALM thesis with regards to the advantages of decentralizing the decision and analytical support in an organization. What is probable most impressive about Martinís work is that it is written in 1984, thus his theories are about two decades old! The downside of this obviously is that some of the more concrete guidance with regards to specific programming techniques, programs and platforms is significantly dated. However, the philosophy of the new area of information management is very much up to date which makes Martin one of my personal visionary favorites.

In particular, he envisions that artificial intelligence will not have strength as a centralized application; rather intelligent devices will gain their strength through connectivity. In general he believes that intelligence will have to come from humans. Take these two issues in combination one can conclude: that organizational collective intelligence could come from interconnected people using intelligent and intuitive applications. An in this context please note that these writings predates the internet hype and the late 1990s knowledge management mantras by more than a decade.

A highly recommendable book, especially if one is also interested in the historical aspects of the development in organizational and individual empowerment through the use of computers. Personally, Martinís work will be a good piece of reference in my book writings within the CALM domain...

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Updated 2003-06-23

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The time frame for this well-informed and provocative speculation on relatively near-term and more distant potentials is clearly within mankind's grasp. Dr. Middelfart argues persuasively that within the next one or two decades, symbiotic links with "intelligent machines" will surely leverage people's potentials, far beyond all human progress to date!

Altogether, a tour de force of well-informed contemporary insights and maturely reasoned speculation; affording possible stepping stones and a creative springboard for what may lie ahead. As has been said: "Man's reach should exceed his grasp; else what's a heaven for?Ē


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