28th July 2003 - The Essence of Chaos

In two days I made it through "The Essence of Chaos" by Edward N. Lorenz. I enjoyed this book very much as it presented Chaos Theory in a good and understandable way; furthermore it put it into context to non-linear functions as well as fractals, thus made a good positioning in the theoretical space.

In my time working with business intelligence software, Chaos Theory has been brought up few times on various occasions. Most frustrating in this context was the lack of a clear definition, or at least a common ground for reference. After reading this book I feel confident in thinking of Chaos Theory as a science of non-periodic systems which have the characteristics that small impacts, often beyond measurability, can influence the outcome observed significantly. Such systems could appear to be random, and Chaos Theory in general arises some interesting questions: -what is random? –does anything appear randomly at all? –is our entire world in fact chaotic in a technical sense rather than random to some extent?

Not that I see myself fit to answer any of the questions, but the book was great inspiration for some of my work in the line of data mining as well as an interesting input for my book writings with regard to aggregate organizational behavior. Additionally, one of my great subjects of speculation for about a decade which concerns the ability to statistically "get lucky" in stock trading has gotten more fuel from this book.

Time will show where this input leads me, or should I say Chaos will take me there…. ;-)

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