29th December 2003 - The Frogman Corps

During the days of Christmas I read "The Frogman Corps" by Sjak Svendstorp. His book is a portrait of the Danish special forces unit which translated to English is called "The Frogman Corps".

The book is a series of interviews with members of the unit in which they describe personal experiences. If one is interested in the subject, this is a fascinating book, although a number of the incidents tend to look very much alike which may make the book feel too long.

With regards to my research there were a number of interesting points made by the interviews:

- the only thing that seems to be a common denominator for those who succeed in becoming frogmen is the "will to succeed". Neither previous experience nor physical conditions are reliable for this prediction.

- when confronted with extreme situations it is important to remain positive, assess the facts and react. He who hesitates is victimized whereas he who acts gains the initiative.

- it is the software "brains", not the hardware "weaponry" that makes all the difference for the successful completion of a mission.

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Updated 2003-12-29

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