7th Aprtil 2004 - Crafting Strategy

I have hard about him already during my MBA studies, but having read the article "Crafting Strategy" by Henry Mintzberg made me finally realize the deeper perspectives of learning. Learning is not just a matter of understanding and applying strategy; learning is strategy!

It is refreshing to read Mintzberg’s point that strategy is really partly foresight and partly hindsight, in the sense that strategizing is not just done in the mind; it is done with the hands of implementation as well, these hands on experiences are what Mintzberg labels: emerging strategies. Mintzberg uses the metaphor of a craftsman that feels the material while adjusting it to perfection, she might have an overall plan and goal, but these are adjusted to reality in harmonic cycles of action and reflection of what works and what does not.

The concept of crafting strategy highly appeals to me and has very much integration with the ideas of maneuver warfare which I have dealt with earlier; it seems that simply inventing detailed plans in the laboratory is not an applicable approach in the Hyper-Volatile world. On the other hand, we also need this thought process to state overall visions and goals, Mintzberg’s advice to reach the optimum of both worlds, is having and overall vision and goal with no or at best loose implementation plans that have room to become emerging strategies.

To me it was funny to have read about Mintzberg’s theories earlier on, but it is not until this time I feel that I truly understand his points.

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Updated 2004-04-07

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