11th April 2005 - Skydiving with a World Champion

During last week I had the privilege of skydiving with Nils Predstrup from the team Funkflyz that have been Freestyle World Champion since 2001. The skills camp in Lillo, Spain, was a great experience that undoubtedly improved my awareness of the safety issues in freefall as well as my range in primarily the head-up position. In general it was impressive to see how Nils could move in ways one would not think possible in the air; it felt to me like the scene in the movie Matrix where the main character’s eyes are opened to a new reality. I would definitely urge other skydivers to consult Nils for coaching; for me with 250 jumps it was both giving and exciting to experience a guy with 5,000 jumps and a lot of talent, not to mention several World Championships!!!

Left to Right: David, Nils, Morton and Alex

Returning from Spain, the experience made me interested in starting to share some of the skydiving experiences I have had so far, and from this day on I am now getting coaching to become an instructor (level 2) at Q Skydiving Centre in Aalborg, Denmark.

Thanks Nils! ;-)

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Updated 2005-10-26

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