18th May 2005 - "Unrest"

It has taken me several weeks to read the book "Unrest" by Finn Skåderud. This book is a comprehensive description of the complexity of the modern mind of western culture. In it, Skåderud describes the search for meaning in times where the liberation from dogmatic beliefs has left us believing in ourselves, while at the same time left us with ourselves as the only true source of affirmation. In this liberated world flooded with information and options, a cultural unrest occurs and leads our minds experimenting in search of purity, control, and meaning. Experiments that can lead to compulsory neurotic behavior, body mutilation, or extreme sports...

Initially, I felt like reading the book since it referred to the reality of risk between skydiving and falling in love; an analogy which intrigued me. I must say that the content was much different than I expected. Psychiatrist Finn Skåderud refers to personal experiences he has had during therapy sessions with patients and while traveling in different parts of the world; the result is a very interesting as well as philosophical book with many interesting references to great historical authors, scientists and philosophers. My only disappointment was the fact that the book contained close to nothing about the psychology of skydiving which was my reason for reading it in the first place.

However, all in all, this book is a very good contribution to the literature that inspires one to consider the big questions about direction, motivation and purpose in our lives.

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