17th July 2006 - A Patent in a New Breed of Business Intelligence

Today I finally claimed a patent called "Integration of documents with OLAP using search". This claim has been a few months underway and I have been very anxious to get it done, since the ability to integrate unstructured data sources such as documents, emails, html-pages etc. seamlessly with the existing OLAP sources is a key ingredient in the next generation of business intelligence.

I think that too much time and effort has been put into manual integration of unstructured data sources in BI, and since recent initiatives from Microsoft and Google in "enterprise search" have made local organizational search widely available, it seems only logical to use the search engine itself as a connector to unstructured data. By doing this, unstructured data becomes available with little administrative effort, and the user of the business intelligence software has easy access to additional relevant information "in just one click" ! ;-)

I look very much forward to showcasing this technology, since I believe that this is going to improve the insight tremendously for the business intelligence user. Furthermore, enterprise search is an emerging technology, and it seems only logical that the BI interfaces used for decision making today should be enriched with the new search capabilities -not the other way around as some colleagues in the BI industry have proposed…(!)

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