22nd May 2007 - An Update on Ph.D, Patents and Products

It has been a while since I made an entry; perhaps it was a little hard for me to find something that I thought to be as noteworthy as the B.A.S.E. jump last year?! ;-)

Anyways, here is an update of what is going on in a CALM’ic sense for me these days…

I have found it increasingly hard not to do any research after my first Ph.D. Therefore I have decided to do another one; this time in the field of Computer Science which I feel will be exciting in combination with my background which is primarily in management and business. The university I chose this time was Aalborg University (in Denmark), and this choice was not hard since I have already collaborated on a number of occasions with their department of Computer Science. I will keep posting notes and thoughts on my blog in this regard, and I would like to invite you all to share your ideas, thoughts and perhaps research –as always… ;-)

Also, last week my company TARGIT released a new version of our Business Intelligence [BI] software. In this respect I have claimed two more patents on "Integration of documents with OLAP using search" and "A computer-implemented method for creating Videos, Podcasts or Slide Presentations from a Business Intelligence Application". Both inventions are related to the CALM philosophy and are thought to be features that will respectively change the way we access unstructured information from a BI context as well as change the ability to reach new consumers of BI information. I am very excited about the perspectives and I am looking very much forward to the feedback from the market…

So far, so good…

Morton ;-)

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