22nd September 2008 - First Year Experiences on CS Ph.D.

For references please see updated Ph.D. Project Plan.

During the first year one short and one normal length article were written. The first article was presented at DOLAP 2007, and the second is in the process of conference submission. During the research and writing of primarily the second article I have learned a lot about declaration and experiments in computer science. In addition, I have decided to give my project even more focus on the field of data mining than I expected one year ago. The reason for this focus is based on the learning I gained during research which led me to see how much more potential for research and articles this field held.

During the year I have also been inspired by four Ph.D. courses, in particular the two courses that dealt with data mining, as can also be seen from the increased focus mentioned above (please see Section 6.1.3 about Ph.D. courses followed in the first year). Other skills within this field have been learned by reviewing one paper so far as well as reading additional papers as part of my research.

Experiences within teaching have been gained in the first year where I have been speaking at a number of conferences for business intelligence professionals (please see Section 6.1.3 about scientific communication during the first year).

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