Reflecting on my childhood

In the movie “Mr. Jones” from 1993, the lead character Richard Gere poses the question “Why is it only children have dreams that they can fly?”

I was born a Libra in 1970, and growing up in the countryside in the small country of Denmark certainly fuelled some “fly-dreams” for me. It was not like I had a lot of them, but it seemed easier for me than for most of my friends to focus on turning “fly-dreams” to reality.

Morten Middelfart in BMX Freestyle showDuring elementary school I had no problems getting high grades with little effort, this left me time to live out my two passions in my free time, namely BMX and computers. Even though my father would have fancied me as a soccer player, he seemed to approve when I at the age of 13 had a number of sponsorships and made a little money touring Denmark doing tricks on my BMX-cycle at various fairs; the so-called Freestyle discipline. The biggest kick I remember, was doing a show for 12.000 spectators as entertainment at a racetrack.

The phrase “just like riding a bicycle” actually still applies, today at age 31, I can still beat almost everyone doing a “wheelie” on a mountain bike. However, growing older BMX faded in popularity both in general but also for me personally. This led me to focus more on my computer skills.

My great fascination of computers comes from arcade games; not so much playing them as trying to make them. In 1984 I programmed my first game and sold it to a computer magazine for $100, but it was not the money –it was doing it that made the difference. My plans were initially to program more games, but the next year at the age of 15 I was employed as programmer in a software company that did business applications. I still believe that I owe my computer career to arcade games. Since computer games strive towards getting the most out of the computer’s capacity in terms of performance and graphics wrapped in user friendliness that a child understands. Programming games have motivated me to obtain fundamental knowledge and skills that I am thankful for today.

In my family we were 6, I had 2 younger twin-sisters and one older brother. My father was a doctor with his own clinic, my mother was a teacher and had a shop selling clothes; today they are both retired. In our house there were very few rules and little supervision, for me this was essential. Even though my parents were fairly well off, they did not give us many of the things other kids got. I had to work holidays to make money for both my first BMX and first computer; from this I learned to be critical about what I wanted, but more importantly I learned, that if I wanted to fly, I could, provided I wanted it enough!

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Updated 2002-07-21

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