My educational path

Having followed the traditional path from elementary school through the gymnasium, I simply felt like doing something different. I joined the army to become an officer. I had already been in the National Guard since age 17, and had accomplished a special intelligence patrol course with the Danish Special Forces (SEP) at age 18 in parallel with the gymnasium! This course was probably the hardest physical challenge I ever had, I was by far the youngest, most of the other participants were already sergeants or officers returned from active duty who had found the national guard to be too quiet for them. Anyway, having completed this course meant that all the challenges as both sergeant and lieutenant was a walk in the part physically, this left me energy to build on my skills as a leader.

At the age of 20 I felt at the top of the world as a platoon leader, with the greatest certainty that I wanted to be a soldier the rest of my life. But a year later the fog cleared and I decided it was time to try something different.

I applied for the Maersk International Shipping Education at the Danish company A.P. Moeller (Maersk). This company is the largest shipping company in the world, the largest company in Denmark, and has one of the most recognized business educations in Denmark. I made it through the recruitment, and completed the 2 years of trainee period followed by 2 years of work with logistics stationed in both Denmark and the United States.

Having learned business from “the best” in Denmark, I felt it was time to try something on my own. During my work at Maersk, I had excelled by using computer systems for decision support as well as developed small mission critical applications for others; I thought that if the most successful company in Denmark had a need for such applications, surely other companies throughout the world would have too. On the 29th February 1996 I resigned at Maersk and founded my own company selling business intelligence software.

Early 1997, within less than a year of operations, my company was acquired by TARGIT, the software company in which I am head of R&D today. In conjunction with my job, I started an MBA in 1998 at Henley Management College which I completed in December 2001.

In January 2002 I started my first Ph.D. with Rushmore University which I completed in August 2004.

Read summary about my learning experiences during the Ph.D. with Rushmore

Having completed the Ph.D. from Rushmore University, which at the time was the greatest educational experience I have had, I was truly motivated to do even more research. As a consequence I choose to try another Ph.D., this time in Computer Science at Aalborg University in Denmark. This is now an ongoing project until 2010...

Read more about my Ph.D. project at Aalborg University

On a final note one could say, that a more practical part of my education in Computer Science has taken place by working professionally with computers since I was 15 years old.

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