Employment experiences

My career is probably best described if divided into four periods, which I will name: Army, Shipping, Self-employed and Executive. 

During the Army period, I was fairly young to experience what I did in terms of responsibility and leadership. This was definitely a challenge, and it gave me a lot of personal confidence that still benefits me today. The feeling that I can handle almost anything in stressful situations as well as a deep knowledge about my strengths and limitations I owe to the Army.

In the Shipping period, I gained a different perspective on things; I learned the basic operational skills of business, but far more importantly I got a passion for entrepreneurship. The latter was thanks to my period living in the United States. The American attitude towards starting your own business is far different from that of the Danes. They tend to be much more conservative and unwilling to take risks, but we do not stop there. Additionally we spend a lot of time telling others why they canít start a business or anything else that makes a difference. This attitude has encouraged me to look outside the borders of Denmark for inspiration that we Danes could learn from.

Based on the passion awoken in the Shipping period, I was now inspired to enter my Self-employment period. An important aspect of this period is that my focus was doing business with something I was passionate about: computers. In both the Army and the Shipping period, others had set the agenda and the boundaries for what could and should be done. Surely a number of opportunities came along in which I could use computers, but these were from a tool perspective. Starting with the Self-employment period, I made my passion my job.

Based on the Self-employment I learned a lot about all aspects of operations, but it also taught me that no one masters all disciplines excellently. I would be much happier if I could focus on what I was excellent at, rather than having to do all company tasks on my own.

When an acquisition offer came from a company that I knew from freelance work, I took the opportunity to enter my Executive period. In this period in which I am today, I have learned the values of true teamwork were the team is stronger than the individual. Additionally, I have learned how much difference it makes, to be able to relieve yourself of the tasks that you are not happy doing and focus on the ones you are excellent at.

For me, in this period of my life, I feel privileged to have the best job in the world as CTO of TARGIT in Denmark.

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Updated 2008-05-19

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