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CALM: Computer Aided Leadership & Management

- How Computers can Unleash the Full Potential of Individuals
and Organizations in a World of Chaos and Confusion.

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Articles, Papers and Media
- November Article The Meta-Morphing Model Used in TARGIT BI Suite - In Proc. of ER 2011
- April Article Implementing sentinels in the TARGIT BI suite - In Proc. of ICDE 2011
- September Article Using Sentinel Technology in the TARGIT BI Suite - In Proc. of VLDB 2010
- August Article Efficient Discovery of Generalized Sentinel Rules - In Proc. of DEXA 2010
- September Article Discovering Sentinel Rules for Business Intelligence - In Proc. of DEXA 2009
- May Media "Danish Software Creates Digital Watchdog", Børsen (Danish Only)
- March Article Discovering Sentinel Rules for Business Intelligence (published on
- January Media Interview about CALM in BI Talkshow
 - November Article Optimizing BI using the OODA Framework - short article about my Ph.D. project
 - November Media "BI will become the most important application", Jyllands Posten (Danish Only)
 - June Media Blogged by Nikolaj while speaking about CALM on IM 2008 Conference
 - January Media Quoted on CALM and BI Usability in ComputerWorld (Danish Only)
 - November Article

Improving BI speed and quality through the OODA concept

 - November Media "AAU and TARGIT initiates joint research" (Danish Only)
 - June Media "The Good Click" by Danish Patent Office (Danish Only)
 - May Media Quoted on Patents in ComputerWorld (Danish Only)
 - March Media BNY Talent 2006: Named one of 100 young talents in Danish business life
 - January Article Beyond Collaboration - a commentary in The OLAP Report
 - September Article Article in DC Magazine (Danish Only)
 - August Media Quoted on Innovation in Berlingske Nyhedsmagasin (Danish Only)
 - December Article "The Computer is Management's Best Friend" (Danish Only)
 - August Paper Summary of my learning experiences during my Ph.D.
 - February Media "Not Satisfied - Satisfied - Very Satisfied" (Danish Only)
 - April Paper Management by Stars
 - December Paper Business Analytics - From Chosen Few to Common World View
 - October Paper Meeting the Needs of the Web User
 - July Paper Mind and Management - The Other 90%
 - July Article "Art Exposing Employee Satisfaction", Lederne (Danish Only)
 - May Paper Jakob Nielsen - The Guru of Web Page Usability
 - April Article Bill Gates - The Digital Author
 - October Dissertation A vision for Business Intelligence systems in the decade to come

[Full and updated list of publications can be found on my LinkedIn profile.]

A Method and an Apparatus for the Processing of Queries to a Database
A Method of Processing Multi-Lingual Queries
Method and user interface for making a presentation of data using Meta-Morphing
Presentation of data using meta-morphing
Integration of documents with OLAP using search
A Method for creating Videos, Podcasts or Slide Presentations from a Business Intelligence Application
A Database Track History
Pending - Hyper Related OLAP
Pending - A Method of Preparing an Intelligent Dashboard for Data Monitoring

[Zacco: Assessment of Dr. Middelfart’s patent activity as inventor]

B.A.S.E. Jumping - To me, this was the ultimate challenge in facing fear.
CALM Video - A video for inspiration on the CALM subject.
TARGIT Video - TARGIT promotion which among other things exemplifies MetaMorphing.
On Innovation - Video footage from a conference on innovation, the movie clip is in Danish
Skydiving - I did some skydiving as part of the CALM research. This video was recorded in the skies above Deland in Florida and produced by my friend Jacob "Coppola" Laustsen.
- for more skydiving videos please visit my YouTube Channel

Journal (Blog)
During the Ph.D. at Rushmore University, it was mandatory to have a website like this, and to maintain a journal of thoughts and academic progress. Based on the positive virtual experiences, I decided to keep updating the journal as well as the website; however, please bare with me that the frequency of updates might be somewhat lower during my second Ph.D. in Computer Science at Aalborg University.

Feel free to peek in the journal for various findings as well as notes about different books I have read; for the latter the specific literature index below might be helpful.

Date Entry
6th December 2010 Ph.D. #2 is completed
12th June 2010 Demonstration of Sentinels in TARGIT on VLDB 2010
24th May 2010 New version of TARGIT with enhanced Sentinels
3rd June 2009 Sentinels on DEXA 2009
12th March 2009 Sentinels and the Formula That Killed Wall Street

[more journal entries] - [journal entries specific to literature]

Going back to my childhood in probably the most conservative part of Denmark, I have always had an urge to challenge the firm beliefs of people. Especially the people, that imposes limitations on themselves and others by telling what can and can’t be done.

I have fought some of these issues personally, not because of the issue itself, but because I had fun doing it. In October 2000, I got the first patent; this was a big achievement for me. I have heard people tell me that if I had an idea that was “so brilliant”, then surely others have thought of it as well. Well by definition I can prove these people wrong at least once now, and I tell this story whenever I meet a talented person whose potential is in jeopardy by such negativity by other people. For me personally, I think the whole concept of thinking something up that has not been thought of yet is fascinating.

In private, a couple of friends and I have started a rap band. We have been doing rap music for about eight years now, and to me it has been very challenging and rewarding. Challenging because I am fascinated by rap music, but I am not very musically gifted. Rewarding, because it seems whenever we get together, we have so much fun and inspiration doing what we do, that we come out with more energy in both professional and private aspects of life. Music has made me meet different people that I normally wouldn’t; this has expanded my horizon and my perspective on life.

So far my path has left me with more an ever-present appetite for learning and living.


Updated 2009-09-01

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The official homepage of Morten Middelfart and CALM. Computer Aided Leadership and Management (CALM) is an inspirational speculation on where mankind may be heading in the quest to leverage computer potentials for helping individuals and organizations to self-actualize their symbiotic potentials.

The time frame for this well-informed and provocative speculation on relatively near-term and more distant potentials is clearly within mankind's grasp. Dr. Middelfart argues persuasively that within the next one or two decades, symbiotic links with "intelligent machines" will surely leverage people's potentials, far beyond all human progress to date!

Altogether, a tour de force of well-informed contemporary insights and maturely reasoned speculation; affording possible stepping stones and a creative springboard for what may lie ahead. As has been said: "Man's reach should exceed his grasp; else what's a heaven for?”


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